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Ayala Landow, born in 1982, lives, work and teach in Jerusalem.

Landow received both her BFA (2008) and her MFA (2010) from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, including exchange studies at Slade School Of Art in London.

Her work moves between sculpture, painting, and installation––three practices that propel one another––and deals with synthetic questions regarding the relationship between object and environment, or between object and spectator. Her formal language is characterized by the static and the temporary, by transformations of functionality, and by the displacement of objects from their original context into another. She create surprising and humorous pairings of found objects with plain, readily-available materials, channeling personal and social statements into a stylized world of shapes and materials.


Her work often pushes the boundaries of the dialogue between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, between authenticity and artificiality, and between iconicity and abstraction. It produces strange, hybrid, and impossible objects with a human and life-like quality, communicating with the observers through materials familiar to them from their everyday environment (beads, buttons, rubber bands, pieces of furniture, napkins, wool threads, etc.). The topic of crafts is salient in work––sewing, needle-point, knitting, painting on dishes, etc. It promotes a natural transition between the elevated and the banal, the sacred and the profane, archaeology and design, inviting the observer into a formal-sculptural space that is not bound by aesthetic or cultural norm.

Her work has been shown at the Israel museum, Moby, The Jerusalem Artist House, and in galleries in Israel, Germany and Scotland.

Landow's solo exhibitions include "loading", Tavi art gallery, Tel Aviv (2011), "Altezachen", Shai Arye gallery, Tel Aviv (2102).

Her next project "Armies And Circuses" is going to take place at the Kibbutz gallery in Tel aviv in march 2017.

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